Friday, 28 December 2012


I managed to get back into the print room before Christmas, but not without three days of complete failure and the UV bulb blowing...

I wasn't very happy with the quality of the prints for the fundraiser but I didn't give myself much time to get them done, and I hadn't screenprinted properly for some time. The stencil washed off completely the first time I exposed the screen, and the second time the beak of the penguin fell out and it lacked the definition and detail in general that I wanted. 
We have no full time technician so it's very hard to know what's making everything go wrong with no one to ask. 
On the night all prints were being sold for £3, I put in an edition of 8 and all of them sold which was really nice - another reason why I wanted to print them again, to try and get them as close to what I'd hoped for in the first place, and that way I could sell them properly. If you're interested hit me up at I'm going to maybe try and set up something on Etsy in the near future...

I also really wanted to try and do another colourway.  I had florescent orange in my head a bit while I was drawing them, and I do like a bit of grey so I thought they went well together. Doesn't come over too well in photos but the orange really does pop.

The detail came out much better - you can see the lines on the robin's leg and all the beaks are fairly consistent.
I had some baffling registration problems with the green/pink run, none of the second layers lined up properly despite them all being printed in the same place the first time... The grey/orange are much more consistent but that's part of the charm of (not being very good at) screenprinting... ha.

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